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From:Jim Lyons Date:November 19 2008 5:17pm
Subject:Re: Using Replication in mySQL version 5
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You will probably want to set read_only = 1 in the my.cnf on the slave so
only super users can change tables.  If you do partial replication, you must
be sure your developers do not cross-reference schemas where one is
replicated and the other is not.  You will either get a replication error
telling you that something doesn't exist or you won't get any error, but the
slave may well get out of sync.

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 4:16 AM, Tompkins Neil <neil.tompkins@stripped
> wrote:

> Hi
> We are looking to upgrade our version of mySQL to the latest version of
> mySQL 5.  One of the main features we are going to think about using is
> replication for our website data.  Basically we have 2 websites located in
> the UK and US which share similar information, and we are going to be using
> replication as a way of keeping the data up to date and in sync.
> Based on your experiences, is there anything we should be aware of before
> investigating this route and putting it into practice ?
> Thanks,
> Neil

Jim Lyons
Web developer / Database administrator

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