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From:Mary Bahrami Date:November 19 2008 4:57pm
Subject:RE: Using Replication in mySQL version 5
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You'll want an alert to page you when the replication slaves stop for an
error; look for Matthew Montgomery's script; we added paging and an
'autofix' step to correct a limited number of duplicate key errors (and
email when it does so); I page for other errors.  We've had M-M 5.0
replication and M-S 5.1 replication configs running okay for a while....

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Subject: Using Replication in mySQL version 5

We are looking to upgrade our version of mySQL to the latest version of
mySQL 5.  One of the main features we are going to think about using is
replication for our website data.  Basically we have 2 websites located
the UK and US which share similar information, and we are going to be
replication as a way of keeping the data up to date and in sync.

Based on your experiences, is there anything we should be aware of
investigating this route and putting it into practice ?

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