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From:Sasha Pachev Date:April 21 1999 3:53am
Subject:Re: NT vs Linux
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Sean Hynes wrote:
> We are debating mySQL on NT vs Linux. I know linux doesn't have the gui
> overhead and is more stable, but we don't have time to learn
> command line operation on Linux. How much of a preformance loss are we
> looking at for strictly a NT/IIS 4.0 database server vs. Linux/ Apache
> system? Each server is a standalone database server.
> What kind of advantages and disadvanteges do each have?
> We are running Web Apps from a browser.

As far as performance is concerned, it will depend on what queries you
are running, how well your NT/Linux system is configured, etc so the
only way do give a specific answer is to set up both systems and do

As far as the subject of choice of the OS is concerned, I would strongly
recommend learning Unix. You may feel that you do not have enough time
to learn it, but beware, the seeming ease of NT is deceiving, for two

- There is no such thing as programming with GUI without actually
programming. GUI may facilitate certain operations, but you can never
depend on it alone for any serious degree of application complexity.
Eventually you come to a point where GUI cannot do what you need it to
and you have to write your own code manually.
- You cannot expect to successfully run a database server without
understanding the concepts of database programming and administration,
which will take time to learn whether you develop with or without GUI.
NT will not take away the need to thoroughly understand what is going on
regardless of how much Microsoft wants you to believe that it will.

- It is a bad idea to run mission-critical applications on a kernel so
well known for its poor design and instability. You never know if the
problem is caused by your bugs, or by the bugs in the OS. 

Sasha Pachev
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