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From:Steve Grosz Date:November 11 2008 5:02am
Subject:Primary key / foreign key question
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Ok, I'm a little new a this, so be gentle!! :)

I was looking into the InnoDB engine for some tables I have, and would like 
to use the PK/FK on some of the data.

It appears that the PK/FK is mainly used for updating/deleting data, 
correct?  I can't use it to retreive data from multiple tables and have them 
linked, other than a join?  Or am I wrong?

Is there a good visual tool that I can use to build my tables, create the 
PK/FK definations, and test how inserts, deletes, updates affect all the 
tables involved?? 

Primary key / foreign key questionSteve Grosz11 Nov
  • Re: Primary key / foreign key questionMartijn Tonies11 Nov