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From:Claudio Nanni Date:October 30 2008 12:29pm
Subject:Re: moving from 3.23.58 to 5.0.45
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Hi Mark,

from my experience I can tell you that you can easily migrate.

A quick and dirty way is to use the two(or more) different MySQL
on same server (or even different ones) and different ports of course.

You dump the whole DB from the 3.23.58 and import it on the 5.0.45.
If you have problems try with 4.1 or 4.0 as a midway step.

At this very moment I can't tell you if you will have problems with the
'big' jump, but you should test with a smaller set of data(if your DB is
and after that decide if do the direct jump or use a step in the middle.

Here's the idea:


Commands to use:

[3.23.58]# mysqldump --all-databases   >dump.sql

will do the job and

[5.0.45] mysql> source dump.sql

will complete the opera!

remember that after that also the grant tables will be replaced from the
original DB(3.23.58)

hope it helps


2008/10/30 Obantec Support <support@stripped>

> Hi
> are there any doc's on how to migrate DB in 3.23.58 format to 5.0.45
> moving from a Fedora Core3 to Centos5.2 server.
> Mark
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