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From:Grant Peel Date:October 25 2008 12:50pm
Subject:Bin Files.
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Hi all,

I had a server pretty much locked up this morning due to the mysql bin logs filling up the
/var filesystem.

I had been investigating the my.cnf settings file a white back, got sidetracked, and never
finished it.

The bin logs are named:


I assume a new one is created each time the mysql server is started. I had to shut down
all services on the server, delete all these files and restart everything.

Anywho, the two questions are:

1. Are these files used when 'fixing' tables, or, are they only used for the master/salve

2. Is it safe to, and how do I, turn off the bin logs altogether (there are no slave

3. What my.cnf settings would you all reccomend for:

Mysql4, running on, FreeBSD 6, 1 GB Memory, var fs is 5 GB, 250 virtual domains on the
server, of which 50 may be using mysql/php (for bulliten boards etc). 
(I am reading through the /usr/local/share/mysql *.cnf files ...)

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