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From:Aaron Blew Date:October 13 2008 8:20pm
Subject:Obsoleting old ibdata files
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I've run into the following scenario: we've got several database servers
with 2+TB of data spread across several 900GB InnoDB data files.  We can
move to innodb_file_per_table in an incremental fashion (ie ALTER TABLE
ENGINE='InnoDB' one table at a time), however, to complete this task, we'll
need to phase out the existing ibdata files and delete them.  Is there a way
to safely delete ibdata files after the data has been removed from them
without doing a mysqldump and re-import?  Unfortunately we can't take the
databases down for the multiple days it would take to do a full mysqldump
based migration.


Obsoleting old ibdata filesAaron Blew13 Oct
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