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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:October 7 2008 1:35pm
Subject:Re: C api - mysql_list_fields
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Mike, all,

Mike Aubury wrote:
> [[...]]
> So - the next question is...
> Is there anyway in code I can find the 'fiddle' factor (1,3,or now possibly 4) 
> that I need to use to divide by to get back to the character width specified 
> in the CREATE TABLE ? 

In the "information_schema" database, which you can use to access schema
information, MySQL differs between "CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH" (the
number of characters) and "CHARACTER_OCTET_LENGTH" (number of bytes).

But this need not be the same factor for all columns:
If you specify one with "charset latin1", it is one octet (byte) per

So I don't see any use in such a constant factor.
And sorry, no, off-hand I don't know a way to programmatically ask the
server for this factor.

If you need to know the number of characters specified for some column,
you should access the "information_schema" database and get all those
details, including character set and collation.


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