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From:Eric Stewart Date:September 29 2008 2:10pm
Subject:Re: Speed up slow SQL statement.
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Good morning everyone, is defined as a PRIMARY KEY so it's index.
browse_nodes_to_products.product_id is defined as a INDEX so it's  
browse_nodes_to_products.browse_node_id is defined as an INDEX so it's  
browse_nodes.amazon_id is defined as an INDEX so it's indexed.

It has complete table structures, row counts and EXPLAIN output of the  
SQL statement I'm trying to optimize.

I don't think I understand your question regarding carrying the  
product_id through the relationship. This is a many to many  
relationship. A browse_node can contain many products and a product  
can be in many browse_nodes. This is achieved through a many to many  
join table browse_nodes_to_products.

Further research into the SQL statement is revealing that a temp table  
is being created and may be one of the reason it's slowing down.

Any ideas how I can optimize this?


On Sep 26, 2008, at 11:47 AM, Martin Gainty wrote:

> Hi Eric-
> the immediate challenge is to fic the join statement so
> make sure is indexed
> make sure browse_nodes_to_products.product_id is indexed
> make sure browse_nodes_to_products.browse_node_id  is indexed
> make sure browse_nodes.amazon_id is indexed
> there seems to be mapping/relationship challenge for your product to  
> browse_node_id
> which finally maps to amazon_id
> would be simpler if is there any way you can carry the product_id thru
> from products table to
> browser_nodes_to_products table
> to browse_nodes table
> anyone?
> Martin
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>> From: e.stewart@stripped
>> To: mysql@stripped
>> Subject: Speed up slow SQL statement.
>> Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 10:42:07 -0400
>> Good morning everyone,
>> I've got a sql statement that is running quite slow. I've indexed
>> everything I can that could possibly be applicable but I can't seem  
>> to
>> speed it up.
>> I've put up the table structures, row counts, the sql statement and
>> the explain dump of the sql statement all in paste online here
>> I'm including the sql statement itself here as well:
>> select distinct as id,
>>   products.created_at as created_at,
>>   products.asin as asin,
>>   products.sales_rank as sales_rank,
>>   products.points as points
>> from products
>> inner join (browse_nodes, browse_nodes_to_products) on
>>   (browse_nodes.amazon_id = browse_nodes_to_products.browse_node_id
>> and = browse_nodes_to_products.product_id)
>> where browse_nodes.lft >= 5 and browse_nodes.rgt <= 10
>>  order by products.sales_rank desc limit 10 offset 0;
>> What I'm trying to accomplish with this is to get an ordered list of
>> unique products found under a category.
>> Any ideas on how I could speed this up?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Eric Stewart
>> e.stewart@stripped
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