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From:Eric Stewart Date:September 26 2008 2:42pm
Subject:Speed up slow SQL statement.
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Good morning everyone,

I've got a sql statement that is running quite slow. I've indexed  
everything I can that could possibly be applicable but I can't seem to  
speed it up.

I've put up the table structures, row counts, the sql statement and  
the explain dump of the sql statement all in paste online here

I'm including the sql statement itself here as well:

select distinct as id,
   products.created_at as created_at,
   products.asin as asin,
   products.sales_rank as sales_rank,
   products.points as points
from products
inner join (browse_nodes, browse_nodes_to_products) on
   (browse_nodes.amazon_id = browse_nodes_to_products.browse_node_id  
and = browse_nodes_to_products.product_id)
where browse_nodes.lft >= 5 and browse_nodes.rgt <= 10
  order by products.sales_rank desc limit 10 offset 0;

What I'm trying to accomplish with this is to get an ordered list of  
unique products found under a category.

Any ideas on how I could speed this up?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Stewart
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