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From:Michael Dykman Date:September 26 2008 1:38am
Subject:MySQL and SAN storage - a request for comments
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Hello all,

I recent started employment with a company which has a lot of mysql
servers (100+ is my best estimate so far) and have all of their
database servers, masters and slaves  alike, using one of 2 SANs for
data storage.  They servers are connected to dedicated switches with
fibre to to SANs and the SANs themselves seem to be well configured
and tuned.

However, it seems preposterous to me that all those very busy
databases should, by design, have a common bottleneck and share a
single point of failure. I am not deeply knowledgeable about SANs or
their performance characteristics; my reaction thus far is pretty much
intuition but I help can't but picture the simple analogue of single
disk or a RAID 10 with synchronized spindles frantically thrashing
back and forth to respond to tens of thousands of queries per second.

Would anyone care to comment?  Is my concern justified or am I merely confused?

 - michael dykman
 - mdykman@stripped

 - All models are wrong.  Some models are useful.
MySQL and SAN storage - a request for commentsMichael Dykman26 Sep
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