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From:Andy Shellam Date:September 24 2008 11:02pm
Subject:Re: nagios server blocked
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Hi Bryan,

My first guess would be to use Nagios's check_mysql plugin.  Just 
because port 3306 (or whatever your MySQL server runs on) is open 
doesn't mean the server is alive and well.  check_mysql behaves as a 
standard MySQL client, thus avoiding connection errors.

I use the latest plugins with Nagios 3.0.3, it works well and you get 
the added bonus of some statistics (such as uptime, open tables, 
long-running queries) in the Nagios front-end.

check_mysql is built as part of the standard plugins package providing 
you have the MySQL client and developer libraries installed on your 
Nagios server when you compile the plugins.



Bryan Irvine wrote:
> I've got a nagios server that checks to see if the listening port is
> open.  I'm getting this error:
> Host 'nagios-host' is blocked because of many connection errors;
> unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'
> I've googled and there's options to use max_connection_errors=1000000
> My (very rough) estimate is that this will last a about 1 year before
> the nagios server gets blocked again.  What's the best way of dealing
> with this?
> -B
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