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From:chandru Date:September 20 2008 8:17am
Subject:Re: too many connections
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  I think you need to take into consideration the following thins:

1. The number of connections that can come at any point of time 
(depending up on the statisics) set global max_connections=1000
2.decrease the wait time out variable wait_timeout=30 or even lower 
value depending upon connections.
3. Also check if the queries are getting locked or do you have any slow 
queries during that time.

please let me know what are your current values for the above parameters
what is the value of
`netstat -an |grep -i est |wc -l` during the time of the error

Pradeep Chandru.

Brent Baisley wrote:
> One thing a lot of people miss is that web server KeepAliveTimeout
> setting has an effect on pconnect. Apache will keep the thread
> handling that client open for the KeepAliveTimeout duration, which
> will keep the database connection open for reuse.
> You can lower your KeepAliveTimeout or not use pconnect.
> Brent Baisley
> On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 3:51 PM, Jaime Fuentes <jfuentes@stripped> wrote:
>> You have to use mysql 64bits on S.O. 64bits
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>> De: Martin Gainty
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>> Enviado: 19 Sep 2008 10:51
>> Asunto: RE: too many connections
>> in my.cnf configuration file try upping the number of connections
>> max_connections=3072
>> to
>> max_connections=6144
>> Martin
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>>> From: Gail.Kinney@stripped
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>>> Subject: too many connections
>>> Hello,  We have MySQL 4.0.14 and have just gotten an error:  too many
> connections.  we can't connect to our site using MySQL admin.  Please help.
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