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From:Theodore Petkantchin Date:September 17 2008 12:56am
Subject:RE: optimize table
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Hi Ananda,

1. Long term solution: When you upgrade to MySQL 5.1 partition the table
e.g. by time. This approach was used for 10s of years in the other DBs.

2. Short term: There is no point to defragment the table. On the file
system it will be fragmented any way. Just defragment the indexes, which
is faster. May be once a week will be OK.

REPAIR TABLE your_table archive QUICK;


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From: Ananda Kumar [mailto:anandkl@stripped] 
Sent: Monday, 15 September 2008 9:45 PM
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Subject: optimize table

I have a table which adds on a daily basis around 3 million records.
We have a automated stored proc, which deletes 1 million reocrds.
Now the optimize table command takes loot of time for me to defragment
Is there a any way i can improve the speed of optimize table command.

My mysql version is 5.0.41 and have 16GB RM and 8 CPU's

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