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From:Josh Miller Date:September 15 2008 8:21pm
Subject:relocating master binary logs
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I have a master-slave replication setup that was working great 
yesterday, version 5.0.66a.

I moved the data files and binary logs today onto a couple of SAN LUNs 
and the slave claims to not be able to find the binary logs.

How can I reconfigure the slave so that it can see the new binary log 
location on the master?  I have tried the following change master 
command without success:


I have also tried using a log file location relative to the datadir 
without success.

080915 13:04:42 [Note] Slave SQL thread initialized, starting 
replication in log '/var/lib/mysql/binlogs/mysql-bin.000010' at position 
420733, relay log '/var/lib/mysql/binlogs/relay-bin.000001' position: 4
080915 13:04:42 [Note] Slave I/O thread: connected to master 
'user@host:3306',  replication started in log 
'/var/lib/mysql/binlogs/mysql-bin.000010' at position 420733
080915 13:04:42 [ERROR] Error reading packet from server: Could not find 
first log file name in binary log index file ( server_errno=1236)
080915 13:04:42 [ERROR] Got fatal error 1236: 'Could not find first log 
file name in binary log index file' from master when reading data from 
binary log
080915 13:04:42 [Note] Slave I/O thread exiting, read up to log 
'/var/lib/mysql/binlogs/mysql-bin.000010', position 420733

Josh Miller, RHCE/VCP
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