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From:Mary Bahrami Date:September 9 2008 4:07pm
Subject:RE: Using Flush Hosts in cron
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What can I check to see whether I'm about to have a host blocked?
Anything in mysql or the OS?  

I'd like to know about it before I get a phone call, and I don't want to
proactively flush hosts or increase max_connection_errors. 

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Subject: Re: Using Flush Hosts in cron

Hank schrieb:
> I have the blocked connection problem between three of my servers, all
> behind two firewalls and on one switch.
> Occaisionally the mysql servers start blocking the hosts.
> What's the downside to running a "Flush hosts" once per minute on
> mysql servers?

better solution: increases max_connect_errors if you are sure, that
ist really no network-problem



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