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From:Martin Gainty Date:September 1 2008 12:21am
Subject:RE: mysql user and authentication ???
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you can use GRANT statement to create and grant privs for a mysql db so users can access
specific host DB servers @'server.domain' specific DB on specific Db Servers
'custom'@'server.domain'specific tables on specific DB customer.*
specific privs (Select_priv,Insert_priv,Update_priv,Delete_priv,Create_priv,Drop_priv) for
those specific tables on specific DBe.g.GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE,CREATE,DROP ON
customer.* TO 'custom'@'server.domain' IDENTIFIED BY 'obscure';
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-0400> From: alex.katebi@stripped> To: mysql@stripped> Subject: mysql
user and authentication ???> > Hello,> > I just installed the 6.0.6 version of
the mysqld on Linux using the> binary RPM.> The RPM installed all the programs then
it started the mysqld server.> > I read lots of documents about mysql user and
password. But I have no idea> what the users are used for, and how users are
created.> > The Linux root user is the only user that can start and stop the server.
Is> this fact correct?> > Thanks,> -Alex
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