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From:Martijn Tonies Date:August 29 2008 8:42am
Subject:Re: Normalization vs. Performance
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> > So how bad is this? The mentioned query will be the query which is used
> > the most in my application (yes, it is going to be a forum).
> > Should I break normalization and save the date of the root in each node
> My recommendation is no.  Normalization is a Good Thing, and you'll be
> hard-pressed to convince me otherwise.  In the long run, you (or
> following programmers) will thank yourself if you maintain a normalized
> core data model.  Seriously.
> But speed and performance are the here-and-now issues while DB
> technology "catches up" to demands.  Have you looked at temporary tables
> or materialized views?  These might help you in this endeavor.
> Kevin

I'm with Kevin on this one.


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