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From:Changying Li Date:August 29 2008 8:32am
Subject: 2 masters problem.
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I setup two masters to replicatin with each other, say A and B.
A's server id is 1, B's id is 2.
then because of some reason, I must change A's server id to 11. I do
it by changing options in my.cnf and restaring mysql sever. 
but a problem happened: A and be make up a LOOP.
that is, when A write its sql to binlog, it think its server-id as 1,
but when it execute binlog copyed from B, it think its sever-id as
11. so sql is executed again and again.

My question is: what's the proper way to change server's server-id ?
why don't its server id change?


Thanks & Regards

Changying Li

2 masters problem.Changying Li29 Aug