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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:August 27 2008 2:29pm
Subject:RE: Huge temporary file
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From: Ananda Kumar [mailto:anandkl@stripped] 
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To: Jerry Schwartz
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Subject: Re: Huge temporary file




show varaibles like '%tmp%'.


show variables like '%tmp%';

| tmpdir            | /tmp/  


This is case of your tmp file system, running out space.

[JS] tmpdir is left to the default.

You can change this parameter to a different file system having more space,
and then your job should run fine.

[JS] True, but I'd rather not if I don't have to. It looks like that query
would chew up over a gigabyte, if I let it. I'd rather have it fail than
have other parts of the system fall over. This query is not critical to our




On 8/26/08, Jerry Schwartz <jschwartz@stripped> wrote: 

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>Subject: Re: Huge temporary file
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>> I'm at a loss as to why, other than that I must have hit
>> some threshold. If anyone can tell me what I need to change in my
>> configuration, I'd appreciate it.
>MySQL creates the tmp tables in memory if the size of the table matches
>these thresholds
>Whichever of these two values is smaller is the one that applies.
>Is the datatype of consolidated_customer_data.stage_name varchar(15)?
>(There are other conditions too, but since you can fit the table by
>removing one column, I am assuming you are hitting size threshold
[JS] According to that article, it is the presence of a TEXT field that is
forcing the use of a temporary table. The JOIN to the `stage` table must
have been causing the temporary table to disk.

That doesn't explain why the without the `stage` table, the temporary table
fits in the (default) heap size of 16777216 and (default) tmp_table_size of
33554432; but with the `stage` table MySQL needs more than 973M.

I might have to just give up on this and put it in the X file.
>raj shekhar
>I've never made anyone's life easier and you know it!
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