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From:Steffan A. Cline Date:August 23 2008 8:25pm
Subject:Foreign Keys
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I am hoping for a little clarification/education here. My understanding of
how foreign keys work is very minimal.

In using MySQL for the last several years as a backend to web apps I have
always managed relationships amongst the tables with auto increment primary
keys myself. 

I have a new project where I need to somehow automate some of that.
Traditionally I have just inserted the parent row into the parent table,
grab the PK and insert this into the child table with the data.

I am hoping that by using FK based relationships I can just do one massive
insert  into the parent table and include all related columns and somehow
magically all field and relational keys fall into place.

Parent table - People
Columns - person_id, firstname, lastname

Child table - Homes
Columns - home_id, person_id, address

Then I could do something like:

insert into people (firstname, lastname, address) values ('xxx','xxx',xxx');

And hopefully due to the FK relationship it would match the proper field and
insert the data into the matching table and auto populate the person_id in
the homes table with the corresponding parent row's PK (person_id)

Am I totally off base or is something like this possible?



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