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From:Nanu Kalmanovitz Date:August 23 2008 8:24am
Subject:Language - MySQL connection collation
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I just upgraded from 4.0.26 to 4.1.22.

On phpMyAdmin with the older (4.0.26) was only one field for "Language"
and it was set to "Hebrew (he-iso-8859-i)".
Now, upgrading (4.1.22) in the "Language" field appears "Hebrew
(he-utf-8)" and a new field " MySQL connection collation:" offer 2
possibilities for Hebrew: Hebrew_bin and hebrew_general ci.

What is the difference between them?
What shall I choose?  
phpMyAdmin is 2.64-pl3.

System is :Novell 6.5 sp6 - Apache 2, MySQL ver. 4.1.22, PHP 5.2.3.



Language - MySQL connection collationNanu Kalmanovitz23 Aug