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From:Fish Kungfu Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:Re: PHP Documentation in the MySQL Manual
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HOORAY!!!  Thanks for all of yours and Tony's hard work!

~~Second Life addict~~

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>From: Stefan Hinz <Stefan.Hinz@stripped>
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>Subject: PHP Documentation in the MySQL Manual
>PHP Documentation in the MySQL Manual
>MySQL can be used with a multitude of programming languages, but PHP is
>probably the most popular choice. For that reason, we always felt a bit
>bad about our PHP-related documentation being somewhat sparse, mostly
>consisting of links to the PHP manual.
>Well, that situation has changed. MC Brown of the MySQL Docs team has
>moved over the MySQL-related parts of the PHP documentation to the MySQL
>Reference Manual now. You can find it here:
>No worries, we haven't actually *moved* the PHP docs. Rather than that,
>they're being synced over from to our mysqldoc repository on a
>regular basis, where they get merged into the MySQL docs and built in
>various format (HTML, PDF, CHM, etc.) just like the rest of the
>This means users who work with MySQL and PHP don't have to flip between
>manuals any more, but can rather look up all information in one place.
>We regard this as another sign that MySQL has a strong commitment
>towards the PHP users in our community.
>Currently, the PHP docs cover:
>     * ext/mysql (the original set of PHP functions for accessing MySQL)
>     * ext/mysqli (the improved and recommended set of functions)
>     * PDO_MYSQL (the MySQL PDO driver for PHP's PDO interface)
>This will soon be amended by the newest set of functions:
>     * ext/mysqlnd
>Tony Bedford of the MySQL Docs team will be in charge of writing the new
>section on ext/mysqlnd. Currently, he's in the process of reworking the
>ext/mysqli section which still lacks a lot of function descriptions.
>When done with this, the MySQL-related parts of the PHP documentation
>will be in much better shape, so that's a true win-win situation for PHP
>and MySQL.
>Needless to say, Tony will keep maintaining the PHP docs, so they'll
>always be up to date, complete, and correct. Go MySQL! Go PHP! :-)
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