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From:Chris W Date:August 11 2008 3:14pm
Subject:Re: Help with Table structure
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Not sure how someone can intelligently comment on your table structure 
when you haven't given any details of the data you are storing.  In my 
experience, the fact that you have 75 fields in your table is a strong 
indicator that your data is not normalized.  If that is the case you 
tables are likely much larger than they need to be and queries may be 

In general the larger your tables are the slower queries are going to 
be, if it is too slow for you depends on your hardware and how fast you 
need it to be.  Also not knowing how large the 75 fields are, makes it 
hard to make any guess on this either.  If they are all INTs or 
char(1)s, then that really isn't that much data and half a million 
records won't be all that much to handle. 

You also don't mention which database engine you are using.  MyISAM will 
be much faster than some of the others, if you don't need to do 
transactions that would be what I would use.

Velen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a table containing 75 fields with a primary index and index set on 5 other
> fields.  Everything is working fine so far as the table contains only about 80,000
> records.  I expect these records to reach 500,000 by end of september.
> I would like to know:
> - if the number of records will slow down my queries when I search on the indexed
> fields? 
> - if manipulating the records within the table will be slow, (i.e. insert into
> table..., delete from table..., subqueries)
> Can anyone advise?  Also, if you have a similar table please let me know your pros
> and cons for this kind of table structure.
> Thanks.
> Velen
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