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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:August 8 2008 6:00pm
Subject:RE: Transplanting table structure changes
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>Subject: Re: Transplanting table structure changes
>Hello Jerry,
>> I've added about a dozen new columns to two tables in my development
>> environment, and now I need to roll it out to our production
>> Can anyone suggest an easy way to do this? I want to avoid typos, as
>> I can.
>> I made the original changes with PHPMyAdmin, so I don't have any
>> script to re-use. The best idea I've come up with is to capture the
>> of SHOW CREATE TABLE and massage that, but I wonder if I'm missing
>> something.
>You might want to try our Schema Compare tool inside Database Workbench.
>This tool also has a "script recorder" that can record any changes you
>to (meta)data in order to help you keep your change scripts.
[JS] I'm looking at the trial version of Database Workbench right now. I'm
not sure exactly how to use the output of the schema compare tool for my
purposes. I've already made the changes to the test environment, with a lot
of trial and error, so there is no script to record.
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