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From:Paul McCullagh Date:August 3 2008 8:11pm
Subject:[ANN] PBXT 1.0.04 Alpha has just been released
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Hi All,

I have just released PrimeBase XT (PBXT) 1.0.04 Alpha and it is  
available for download from

For this release I have concentrated on performance as I explained in  
my blog post: 
. I have also completed the Windows port.

For further details please refer to the release notes:

With the "Quick Guide: Building and Installing PBXT from Source" on  
the download page it is really easy to get started.

So give PBXT a try, and let me know how it goes... :)

Best regards,


PrimeBase Technologies

PBXT is a transactional storage engine for MySQL 5.1. Features include:

* MVCC: Multi-version concurrency control, enables reading without  
* Transactions: support for BEGIN, COMMIT and ROLLBACK and recovery on  
* ACID compliant: Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable (once  
committed changes cannot be lost).
* Row-level locking: updates use row-level locking allowing for  
maximum concurrency.
* Deadlock detection: immediate notification if client processes are  
* Referential Integrity: foreign key support.
* Write-once: PBXT avoids double-writes by using a log-based  
* BLOB streaming: In combination with the BLOB Streaming engine

PBXT is open source and is available under the GPL license. For more  
information please go to:, or contact me  

[ANN] PBXT 1.0.04 Alpha has just been releasedPaul McCullagh3 Aug