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From:walter harms Date:July 30 2008 4:09pm
Subject:Re: spool log to a file
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that is a shell question using bash/ksh stuff you can use this:

mysql -uroot -pxxx  -Dtest  -s -e  'select * from amc_25;' > aaaa1.txt 2>&1

Ananda Kumar wrote:
> The problem with below statement is that, if i there is any error in sql
> statements it does not get written to aaaa1.txt. So, even if there is any
> error, how can i get it written to aaaa1.txt.
> mysql -uroot -pxxx  -Dtest  -s -e  'select * from amc_25;' > aaaa1.txt
> On 7/29/08, Mary Bahrami <mbahrami@stripped> wrote:
>> I use
>> mysql -uroot -pxxx  -Dtest  -s -e  'select * from amc_25;' > aaaa1.txt
>> but it would be nice to see other solutions...
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>> From: Ananda Kumar [mailto:anandkl@stripped]
>> Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 6:37 AM
>> To: mysql
>> Subject: spool log to a file
>> Hi All,
>> I am executing below command, but there is no entires in aaaa1.txt, its
>> an
>> empty file. How can i write the logs into this file.
>> mysql -uroot -pxxx  -Dtest  -s   --tee=aaaa1.txt -e  'select * from
>> amc_25;'
>> regards
>> anandkl
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