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From:John Nietzsche Date:July 26 2008 1:45pm
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Dear friends,

i am in need to migrate a database between two mysql server. The
server source is running mysql 4.0.18-log, the destination server is
running mysql 5.0.51a-log.

I dumped the database (in the server source) using mysqldump utility.
The command i issued in de source sever was:
robigo$ mysqldump -u root -probigoroot genweb > s.sql

It worked alright, but when i try to restore (s.sql) in the server i,
mysql (client utility) complains on error and exit, here is the

robigo$ mysql -u jpaulo -paivALF genweb < genweb
ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 11: Can't create table
'./genweb/contigs.frm' (errno: 150)

I am very confused, because the output generated by mysqldump it is
refused to be loaded in a new server.

What is my fault??

Thanks in advance.
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