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From:Atle Veka Date:July 23 2008 9:35pm
Subject:Re: Master-to-Master replication on same server
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You should be able to do this fine. It would help if you specified what 
the error you were getting was.


On Tue, 22 Jul 2008, Jim Lyons wrote:

> I recently installed 2 instances of mysql on the same server, using port
> 3307 for the second server, the normal 3306 for the first server.  I found
> that while logged onto that box I could communicate to the 3307 instances
> using the socket parameter.  Using the port parameter (--port=3307) didn't
> work.
> I am now trying to set up master-to-master replication on that machine,
> where the 2 masters are the 2 instances running on that machine (sounds a
> little flaky, but it's for a dev box and it ought to work).  It's not
> working and I'm wondering if it's because I can't specify the socket the
> 3306 master needs to connect to on the 3307 master.  In the "change master
> to" command I can only specify the port.  I did specify it as 3307 but the
> "slave" still can't connect.
> Has anyone done this?
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> Jim Lyons
> Web developer / Database administrator
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