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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:July 2 2008 2:40pm
Subject:RE: Queues on MySQL?
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>Subject: Re: Queues on MySQL?
>>>Thanks for the suggestion--is that essentially using
>>> within PHP?
>> [JS] Yes, that's what I had in mind. Be warned, though: I've never
>used this
>> from PHP; and, although I found no references to this in the PHP
>> documentation, I couldn't find the POSIX functions in a Windows
>> installation.
>Hm, I've spent some more time investigating this, and I'm not sure
>it'll work quite as expected.  It looks like it's a blocking write to
>the pipe, which means it'll block until a reader actually acts on the
[JS] That is what the documentation says, so I presume it is true; and it is
a horrible limitation. In fact, even opening a fifo will block unless there
is somebody at the other end.

I took a quick look around the documentation, and although you can use
stream_set_blocking() (I think), it only takes affect after the stream is
open. That gets you back to the fopen issue.

A trick I have used is to have a dummy process that always has the fifo
open. This process could even be started up by init, and defined so that it
is restarted if it fails. You don't want this process to read the file, just
open it for reading and sit there looping on a sleep(). Once you have that
guy going, your other programs can execute with impunity.

In any case, I think I've lead you down the garden path. I believe that
sockets are the way to go.

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