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From:Waynn Lue Date:July 1 2008 12:00am
Subject:Re: Queues on MySQL?
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Thanks for the suggestion--is that essentially using within PHP?

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 7:11 AM, Jerry Schwartz
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>>Subject: Queues on MySQL?
>>I'm looking to write a queue backed by MySQL to enable batch updates
>>of a system I'm writing.  Essentially what I wanted to do was every
>>time I want to enqueue, I just INSERT a new row into a table.  Then I
> [JS] Just a bit of a warning: in my (very old) experience, this is not the
> most effective way of implementing a queue. Does your environment support
> fifo files, or can you emulate them? They have a lot less overhead.
>>have a cron job that runs every X minutes, selects all the existing
>>rows and does the actions, then deletes the rows that have been
>>selected.  It's a fairly simple algorithm, and not hard to implement,
>>but I'm wondering if there are existing tools out there that do queues
>>that will have additional functionality in case I ever want to change
>>A quick Google search turned up links like,
>>but I'm not sure what's a good one.
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