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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:June 30 2008 2:05pm
Subject:RE: convertion to utf-8
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>Subject: convertion to utf-8
>I'm trying to convert my tables to UTF8 but I'm getting the following
[JS] Try removing the unique key and then import the data. Take a look at
what is actually being stored. I doubt that MySQL is lying, so you need to
trace back to the source of the data, one step at a time. I've gone down
this road, and learnt quite a lot about the data conversions that go on
behind the scenes.

>Not too sure why I'm getting this error since the current (latin1) data
>mysql> select * from topics_lookup where label like 'Zor%';
>| label    | topic_id | main |
>| Zorglub  |       72 |    0 |
>2 rows in set (0.00 sec)
>There is a unique index on label, however the 2 data are different.
>Any ideas ?
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