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From:Aaron Ryden Date:June 17 2008 10:31pm
Subject:create view not working
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why doesn't this work? the select works perfectly

create view cost_report as
SELECT c_name, d_manuf as Manufacturer, d_model as Model, count(1) as 
"Number Enrolled",
d_price as "Monthly Price", count(1)*d_price as "Cost"
FROM `b_devices` A
left join b_device_types B
on A.d_id = B.d_id
left join b_prices C
on A.d_id = C.d_id AND A.c_id = C.c_id
left join b_company D
on A.c_id = D.c_id
group by A.d_id, A.c_id
order by c_name

create view not workingAaron Ryden18 Jun
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