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From:Colin Charles Date:May 30 2008 6:04am
Subject:Re: How To run Multiple Storage Engines: CSV, InnoDB...
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Robert L Cochran wrote:


> | CSV        | NO      | CSV storage
> engine                                             |

This is the problem... it should say:
| CSV        | YES      | CSV storage engine 

> I'm not sure if a 'YES' in the 'Support' column above means the engine
> is started at runtime, or if it means the MySQL server was compiled with
> support for that engine. In any case, I want to be able to use the CSV
> engine in addition to MyISAM, MEMORY, InnoDB, BerkeleyDB and MRG_MYISAM.
> How do I "activate" that CSV engine?

For the CSV engine to be able to be used, you should rebuild the package 
to allow the CSV engine

You could also file a bug with CentOS to ask for it to be enabled by default

Or download it from - mysql 5.0.51a from there 
has all engines enabled, except ndbcluster, isam, and berkeleydb (12 
rows are returned with show engines;)

hope this helps!

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