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From:Jordi Moles Blanco Date:May 29 2008 3:20pm
Subject:correct update gives affected_rows -1
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i'm facing a problem in debian etch and this version of mysql

ii  libmysqlclient15off       5.0.32-7etch4                   mysql 
database client library
ii  libpam-mysql              0.6.2-1                         PAM module 
allowing authentication from a My
ii  mysql-common              5.0.32-7etch4                   mysql 
database common files (e.g. /etc/mysql

the thing is that i perform an update query through a mysqli object  ( 
new mysqli() )  and the value is actually modified to the right one, but 
i keep getting the


when i ask


It's not big trouble , cause the data is modified to the right value, 
but i've got some controls on that process, and i keep getting warnings 
that the update query wasn't performed properly when it's not true.

any ideas?

Thank you.
correct update gives affected_rows -1Jordi Moles Blanco29 May