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From:John Comerford Date:May 15 2008 5:25am
Subject:Site Attack/Failure Recovery
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Hi Folks,

I am fairly new to MySQL and I am going to be setting up a web site on a 
third party hosting machine.  I continuously hear horror stories about 
machines/sites being hacked and databases being destroyed.  Despite my 
best efforts I am sure I have some security flaws in my site.  What I am 
looking to do is provide myself with a mechanism to roll back my 
database to a clean state if I happen to suffer one of these attacks (or 
a failure).  I was wondering what is the best way to do this.  From my 
limited knowledge of MySQL I think maybe I could use one of the following:

1) Binary Logs - Not really sure how these work but I was thinking of 
maybe coping them to an off site machine every half hour and apply them 
in sequence if  I need to go back to a point in time ?
2) Incremental Backups - say one every half hour, then a script to 
transfer that to an off site machine that way I can get the DB back to 
within the last good half hour...

I don't really know much about either so if someone could give me some 
pointers as to which is best it would be much appreciated...

Site Attack/Failure Recovery John Comerford15 May
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