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From:Mark-E Date:April 28 2008 3:54pm
Subject:Re: Starting a 2nd MySQL instance on UNIX
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Hi Ian,
   Thanks for the reply. I was specifying the new port of 3307. I actually
got it working over the weekend. Turns out I had to add a few entries in the
mysqld section of the my.cnf file and I was able to connect. 


Ian Simpson wrote:
> Mark,
> When you try to log-in to the new instance, are you specifying the new 
> port number to the client? If you don't give it the new port number, 
> then it will connect to the default port, which is presumably your 
> 4.0.20 instance.
> Mark-E wrote:
>> I have a Solaris box where MySQL 4.0.20 instance is running (to support
>> Bugzilla 2.22). I have loaded mysql5.0 on the same box (for Bugzilla
>> 3.0.3)
>> and created a new mysql50 user that I want to use to run this instance
>> with.
>> I tried to start the instance on another port by running the following
>> command...
>> ./bin/mysqld_safe --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql-5.0/my.cnf
>> --socket=/tmp/mysql50/mysql.sock --port=3307
>> --basedir=/usr/local/mysql-5.0
>> --datadir=/usr/local/mysql-5.0/data
>> --pid-file=/usr/local/mysql-5.0/ --user=mysql50
>> The instance appears to start but the message "Starting the instance"
>> comes
>> up and I never get back to the system prompt. it just sits there. If I
>> open
>> another terminal window and do a ps -ef | grep mysql, I can see the new
>> processes running. There is nothing in the error log. 
>> I ran the script to create the mysql database
>> however, I
>> cannot log in. I thought that it creates a root user with no password. I
>> tired logging in as root with no password bu no luck. If i use the mysql
>> 4.0.20 root user password, I get into the 4.0.20 instance even though the
>> mysql50 user does not have mysql 4.0.20 in it's path. when I run mysql at
>> the prompt, how would I differentiate between the 2 instances?
>> So at this point I am stuck. If anyone out can help guide me on what I
>> need
>> to do to ge tthe instance up and running properly, I would appreciate it.
>> I
>> am rather new to MySQL and I have read through the docs but things are
>> still
>> not very clear.
>> Thanks! 
>> Mark
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