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From:Eric Bergen Date:April 21 2008 2:44am
Subject:Re: Does version 4 mysqlcheck close MyISAM tables left open?
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The tables left open warning is from the tables that were left open
when the server was rebooted. Internally mysql keeps a counter per
table of the number of clients that have a table open. When a table is
closed this counter is decremented. If mysql is improperly shutdown
this counter doesn't get decremented. A mysqlcheck (repair table
query) will reset the counter.


On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 1:12 PM, Garris, Nicole
<Nicole.Garris@stripped> wrote:
> Unable to find this in the manual ...
>  Yesterday morning we rebooted the server by accident, which crashed and
>  restarted MySQL 4.1. Late last night a scheduled job ran mysqlcheck and
>  found 4 open tables. When I next ran mysqlcheck it found nothing wrong.
>  mysqlcheck command:
>  CHECK TABLE $DBTABLES $TYPE1 $TYPE2" | mysql --host=$DBHOST -t -u$USER
>  -p$PASSWORD $i
>  where $TYPE1 and $TYPE2 are empty.
>  warning message from the mysqlcheck command:
>  expressionengine_dof_public.exp_stats   check   warning 2 clients are
>  using or haven't closed the table properly

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Does version 4 mysqlcheck close MyISAM tables left open?Nicole Garris15 Apr
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