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From:Rob Wultsch Date:April 18 2008 5:53pm
Subject:Re: History of changed rows
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On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 8:13 AM, Peter Brawley <peter.brawley@stripped>

> CK,
> > How can we manage the history of changed rows in the database.
> >
> Point-in-time architecture. For a bit of discussion see
> PB

I have used this convention and it works well.

I have a real problem with how it suggests using NULL. NULL is undefined,
and they are basically abusing it to mean infinite positive. NULL has issues
being indexed, big datetime values don't.

At the recent postgres convention I eavesdropped on a discussion about a
possible new temporal range format which would basically consist of a start
date and an end date and preclude any other entries from overlapping.  Such
a format would be ideal for PITA, but the start and end would need to be not

Rob Wultsch
wultsch (aim)

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