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From:Tim McDaniel Date:April 18 2008 3:33pm
Subject:RE: Performance problem
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On Fri, 18 Apr 2008, Francisco Rodrigo Cortinas Maseda
<francisco.cortinas@stripped> wrote:
> > im new on the performance tuning of this database (MySQL 5.0.45,
> > rpm-based installation), and i have one performance problem on our
> > new installation:
> > We are experiencing problems about the performance of the database,
> > in the way that we are seeing that the radius clients are seeing the
> > radius servers gone away for the acct service. 
> I`ve resolved my problems without hardware manipulation.

Me, I'd not like to see much technical detail, but I'm curious now:
what sorts of things did you do?  Restructuring, different queries,

Tim McDaniel, tmcd@stripped
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