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From:Sasha Pachev Date:April 20 1999 6:09pm
Subject:Re: MSSQL to MYSQL
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Steve Layton wrote:
> I am a developer looking to get rid of my MSSQL servers and rewite some
> software to only run on linux, I have a copy off the SQL script I used to
> make the Database, tables and triggers in my MSSQL database. I am wondering
> how I can execute a .SQL(text file) from the command line to run all of the
> SQL command sthat I already have, to rebuild my Database strucure and
> triggers without having to hand puch all of them.
> Thanks
> Steve

You may need to do some tweaking to your sql to make it
mysql-compliant ( as some sql features are missing, but
workarounds are available), but other than that,

mysql -uuser -ppass < mssql.sql 

will do the job.

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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