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From:Nanni Claudio Date:March 28 2008 9:43am
Subject:R: Multiple instances howto
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Hi Jing,

Logically speaking,
you can run as many instances of mysql as you want,
but you have to make an installation for each mysql instance.
On each instance you can have as many databases as you want.
From my experience here is the key:

1) One different mysql user (mysql41,mysql50) for each mysql installation.

2) put .my.cnf file in the home directory of each mysql user with the right parameters.
This is the way I have found not to conflict between instances.
The socket file is a file name you  have to assign to each instance,
Use a different name for each instance.
# The MySQL server
port            = 3515
socket          = /tmp/mysql5015.sock
key_buffer = 256M
max_allowed_packet = 1M

3) Of course each mysql instance must bind to a different port(3306,3316,3326)

Let me know.


Claudio Nanni

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In addition, can you run multiple instances of mysqld simultaneous?

toutiao wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> I'm learning to create multiple mysqld instances on Linux, where one
> instance of mysql is already running. 
> While creating a new my.cnf file, I noticed that I need to assign a socket
> file to it. 
> Can you pls. tell me how to create / test this socket file?
> Thanks,
> Jing Zhang

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