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From:Velen Date:March 10 2008 5:08pm
Subject:Re: Select Statement
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In fact my sql statement is like this:

"select b.customer_name Customer,a.sale_id DocNo,a.sale_date Date,a.prod_code
Product,a.quantity Quantity,c.cost_price Cost,a.price Price,
c.prod_description,,d.payMode from  sale_trans a,customer_master b,prod_master
c,saletrans_cons d where a.sale_id=d.sale_id and d.cust_code = b.customer_code And
a.prod_code = c.ProdBarcode And a.prod_code between 'txtbarcodefm' and 'txtbarcodeto' and
a.sale_date between 'dtFrom' and 'dtTo' and a.sbranchid between 'brNmfm' and 'brNmto'
group by a.nuniqid order by .prod_code,a.sale_id,b.customer_name"

The sale_id can be duplicate as different sbranchid can have same sale_id.  My problem is
that it is displaying a.sale_id but different customer_name as it is taking sale_id from d
and matching cust_code with b

The tables contains links as follows:
a contains sale_id
b contains cust_code
c contains prodbarcode
d contains sale_id,cust_code

Can you suggest any correction?


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