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From:Wm Mussatto Date:February 22 2008 6:24pm
Subject:Re: Migrating form 3.23.49 to 5.0.32
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On Fri, February 22, 2008 10:01, Ed Curtis wrote:
> I'm doing the above migration as mentioned in the subject line. I
> figured I would use the MySQL Migration Toolkit to help it along but it
> won't let me connect to my 3.23.49 server. Is there any other way to
> migrate all my data easily.
> Thanks,
> Ed
I migrated slowly using mysql dump.  However, if you use 'left join' in
your programs the rules have changed.  If you have
select ... from tableA, tableB LEFT JOIN tableC on
the order tableA and tableB now matters. It was changed in the MIDDLE of
the 5.0.x series to be more compatible with SQL standards.

William R. Mussatto
Systems Engineer

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