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From:Dan Nelson Date:December 14 1999 9:09pm
Subject:Re: Inodes on Linux
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In the last episode (Dec 14), Van said:
> Folks,
> I hate to disrupt the engaging discussion on why not to unsubscribe from
> the list with a technical issue, but, I'm running SMP linux 2.2.13
> Slackware 7.0 with glibc and running into an interesting anomaly.
> While running the benchmarks I had it error out (from run-all-tests) 
> during wisconsin-mysql-Linux_2.2.13_i686 with:  
> Can't execute command 'create table onek (unique1 int(4) NOT NULL,unique2
> int(4) NOT NULL,two int(4),four int(4),ten int(4),twenty int(4),hundred
> int(4) NOT NULL,thousand int(4),twothousand int(4),fivethous
> int(4),tenthous int(4),odd int(4),even int(4),stringu1 char(16),stringu2
> char(16),string4 char(16),UNIQUE (unique1),UNIQUE (unique2),INDEX hundred1
> (hundred))' 
> Error: Can't create/write to file './test/onek.MYD' (Errcode: 24) 

$ perror 24
Too many open files
Check your per-process resource limits, and check that your kernel
allows for a lot of open files.

	Dan Nelson
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