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From:Ben Clewett Date:February 8 2008 8:16am
Subject:Re: Access limited after restore
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Hi Philip,

If you are worried about permissions, go to your mysql root directory 
and enter:

# chown -R mysql.mysql .

The UID and GID should not make any difference.  I don't think this 
would effect your ability to log in.

If this is a new installation of the server, check the default MySql 
config file does not clash with yours, from the file /etc/my.cnf

When you restored your database, did you restore it over the top of a 
default MySql installation?  Did your backup image contain a copy of the 
'mysql' database?  This database contains your passwords.  After 
over-writing the 'mysql' database, restart MySql.  If you have not 
over-written this database, then you have lost your users and 
permissions.  But you should be able to log in as 'root' with no password.

Also check your error.log.  Chances are this will tell you what is wrong :)


Philip Weingart wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I had a server crash a few weeks ago and had to
> restore my mySQL installation from backup after
> reinstalling Fedora.
> After the restore operation, I was no longer able to
> log into mySQL, either as root or as myself. I believe
> this may be because the UID in the recovered database
> is now different from the UID in my installation,
> although I'm having a hard time believing "root" will
> have a different UID after a standard installation.
> I've been living with this for a while because my
> daily operation doesn't require anything other than
> the ability to write to the DB through Wordpress, and
> that's working fine. 
> However, today I attempted to delete a comment, and
> found that I could not. So, now I have a reason to try
> to fix this. Hence my questions:
> 1) Why would restoring from a backup wreck my ability
> to log into the database?
> 2) How can I go about reestablishing access to mySQL
> in a way that does not require blowing away all the
> data and starting over?
> Thanks.
> Phil W.
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