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From:Philip Weingart Date:February 7 2008 12:18am
Subject:Access limited after restore
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Hi, all,

I had a server crash a few weeks ago and had to
restore my mySQL installation from backup after
reinstalling Fedora.

After the restore operation, I was no longer able to
log into mySQL, either as root or as myself. I believe
this may be because the UID in the recovered database
is now different from the UID in my installation,
although I'm having a hard time believing "root" will
have a different UID after a standard installation.

I've been living with this for a while because my
daily operation doesn't require anything other than
the ability to write to the DB through Wordpress, and
that's working fine. 

However, today I attempted to delete a comment, and
found that I could not. So, now I have a reason to try
to fix this. Hence my questions:

1) Why would restoring from a backup wreck my ability
to log into the database?

2) How can I go about reestablishing access to mySQL
in a way that does not require blowing away all the
data and starting over?


Phil W.

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Access limited after restorePhilip Weingart7 Feb
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