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From:mikesz Date:February 2 2008 7:47am
Subject:Error in /index.php: Access denied for user 'apache'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
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Hello mysql,

I just started having this problem and wonder if someone might give me
a clue why this is happening. The scenario is that I build a CMS on my
local XP system to make sure it is working correctly and customize it
per the client's specifications. Almost always the client has some
version of this software running on their site, if not the same
version. I make mods to the database, test it out and import the
tables into the client system. Generally, it works with no problem.
But the last two times I have received Acess denied for user
Apache@localhost on two completely different systems, even separated
by Continents ;-)

On the first system, I dropped and replaced all the tables but on this
second one, I didn't drop several huge tables that I didn't want to
upload redundant data for so I left  them intact to save time and

I have done this sort of transfer hundreds of times with no trouble
but the last two in a row have required that the permissions be reset.
I am just looking at the error messages in the emails I am getting and
apparently it is not just the Apache user. It is sending access denied
for the site account owner too, I just noticed.

I am using the same login credentials from the configuration files to connect to the
including username/password yet I get this apache error message.

Any ideas or explanations on this greatly appreciated in advanced.

Best regards,
 mikesz                          mailto:mikesz@stripped

Error in /index.php: Access denied for user 'apache'@'localhost' (using password: NO)mikesz2 Feb
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