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From:Warren Young Date:January 31 2008 11:32pm
Subject:Re: Decimal - Maximum is 30
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Eli Shemer wrote:
> Actually I'm not in liberty to reveal but it is essential to the project.

In that case, I am awe-struck, even astounded, at the possibilities 
suggested by this hint.  You must be working on a project that is 
literally astronomical in scope.  Please, let me explain how I came to 
this conclusion:

Let the size of the universe be our unit quantity.  No one knows how big 
the universe really is, but if it is finite, 100 billion light years is 
plausible, and it is a nice, easy number to work with.

One light year is, very approximately, 10 trillion kilometers.

The average grain of sand is a bit smaller than a millimeter.  There are 
a million millimeters per kilometer.

10^11 * 10^13 * 10^6 = 10^30

In other words, the current system is sufficient for establishing the 
location of every grain of sand in the universe at this scale.  If we 
rescale by making use of the digits we're allowed to the left of the 
decimal point, we can probably describe the location of every atom in 
the universe instead.  You must be working on something absolutely 
mind-blowing for this amount of precision to be insufficient.

Good luck with your project, and I hope it is as excellent as your hint 
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