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From:philip Date:January 28 2008 2:16pm
Subject:Embedded versus 'normal' MySQL
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I am using MySQL in a booking system I am working on. I decided to use an
embedded server so downloaded 5.0.45 from source and compiled it with the
embedded library enabled. 

It works fine except that disconnecting seems to take an exceptionally
long time. Relevant lines from the log file are,

	User    50mS, System    50mS, Real   100mS
	User     0mS, System     0mS, Real    20mS
	User    40mS, System     0mS, Real  2290mS

The disconnect_from_server() function calls mysql_close_connection() and

Using the mysql command with a server daemon the 'quit;' command seems to
execute immediately. 

(The platform is a SUN Ultra 45 running Solaris 10 and gcc version 3.4.6)

So a couple of questions,

Is a long disconnect time from an embedded server to be expected or am I 
doing something wrong ?

I decided not to use a server daemon since I didn't want to risk it not
being available when my program ran. Is this too pessimistic a view of
server availability, under what circumstances would a running server
become unavailable (ie. crash or refuse connections) ? 


   Philip Riebold, p.riebold@stripped
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